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Free Lottery Software Download - Lotto Rocket 649 PRO

Lotto Rocket 649 Standard Fully Functional FREE Version

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The Free Version is ideal for people playing up to 10 games per draw (10 combinations).

More Importantly, this free lottery wheels generator demonstrates the built-in power of the product before you decide to upgrade to the unlimited version of LottoRocket 649 PRO Version.

Lottery players who play Lotto 649 lotteries in countries other than South Africa (free built-in), can provide us with their lotto form needs after they have upgraded to the LottoRocket 649 PRO version, and we will provide a free program add-on to print the lottery forms of that specific 649 lottery.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Better Lotto Rocket Mathys Contact Lotto Agents
  • Java Runtime Environment
    • LottoRocket has been developed with the Java Programming Language and thus needs the Java Runtime Environment to run (like so many other programs such as games).
    • All computers purchased over the last decade already have the Java Software installed.
    • Download and test the LottoRocket FREE Standard Edition before you consider to Order the Fresh PRO Version directly from the developers.
    • You can Check, download and install Java JRE for FREE, should the doubtful need arises.
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