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Last Draw Date (GMT Time):
August 12, 2022 19:00:00

EuroMillions Europe
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Last Draw Results:
14 17 34 35 42 plus 6 10

Next Draw Date (GMT Time):
August 16, 2022 19:00:00

EuroMillions Europe
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Estimated Jackpot:
€ 65 Million

EuroMillions Europe

EuroMillions Europe Lottery Online - How to Play?

To Play the EuroMillions lottery, select 7 numbers: Select 5 numbers from a pool of 50 possible numbers (1 – 50) and then select 2 star numbers from a pool of 12 possible numbers (1 – 12). One EuroMillions line contains a total of 7 numbers. To win the EuroMillions jackpot, you must match all 7 numbers to the 7 numbers drawn.

The EuroMillions Europe Lottery draws - Where and When do they take place?

Draws for the EuroMillions take place every Tuesday and Friday night in Paris at 20:55 CET.