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Steps To Improve Lotto Winning Chances

  1. Use an intelligent Lotto Wheel Generator Program or an intelligent Lotto Random Generator Program to generate your Lotto numbers combinations
  2. Use Real Historical Statistical Data, i.e. SA National Lottery - South African Lotto Statistics , to help define which and how many numbers to use in your selected Lotto Number Generator.
  3. Decide what Type of Lotto Wheel Generator to use when generating the Lotto 649 numbers, i.e. Full Lotto Wheel, Abbreviated Lotto Wheel or Lotto Random Generator (LottoRocket provides them all):

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Try not to change your playing strategies with every new draw when trying to get closer to the Lotto Jackpot. Sticking with a certain strategy over a period of time proves to be more successful to get the winning Lotto numbers.

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Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Lotto Generator

Currently even Print (Mark) the South Africa Lotto Betting Forms as available from retailers!

Lotto Player Assistant Lottery Number Generator caters for 6 numbers in the jackpot draw; with or without a seventh number as a bonus number. Works on all Lotto 649 Lotteries!

Is it Possible To Improve Lotto Winning Chances? How to Win the Lotto? The LottoRocket premium Lotto 6/49 system specifically designed to help Lottery players to determine the Lotto 649 winning numbers.

Become a Lotto winner by using the Lottery System to enhance your winning changes when playing any of the Lotto 649 Lotteries worldwide.

The Lotto Rocket offline PC Lottery software will assist lottery players to spend less time and money to win more Lotto money? This Lotto generator software program works just fine for individuals and Lotto consortiums or syndicates

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If LottoRocket is such a Great Product, why did the Developers of LottoRocket make it available to other Lotto Players instead of only using it themselves?

  • Lotto Players must still interact with the program and LottoRocket only guarantees winnings when the Lotto Player uses the Full Wheel Generator and select the correct range of numbers that include the Lottery Winning Numbers in the Lotto Jackpot Draw.
  • Lottery Pools are big and many people can play successful.

Imagine becoming a millionaire overnight with Lotto 6/49. Download now and play informed!

Lotto 6/49 Odds:

MatchChances to Win (per selection)
Any Prize1:32

LottoRocket is a must-have tool for serious lottery players who play the SA National Lotto South Africa, UK National Lotto United Kingdom, Germany Lotto Deutschland, Lotto Canada Lotto 649, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, i.e. New Jersey and Ohio, and every other 649 lottery in any country in the world.

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Lottery Players all over the world have different ways and means to determine which lotteries they play and how they play that specific lottery.

Having said that, people with diverse lotto strategies use the Lotto Rocket 649 PRO software as their lotto assistant:

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