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Lotto Rocket 649 PRO - Lotto Program Features & Help

Lotto Rocket 649 PRO - Lotto Software Download

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or Better Lotto Rocket Mathys Contact Lotto Agents
  • Java Runtime Environment
    • LottoRocket has been developed with the Java Programming Language and thus needs the Java Runtime Environment to run (like so many other programs such as games)
    • 95% of computers already have the Java Software installed
    • Download and test the LottoRocket trial program
    • Check, download and install Java JRE free of charge when LottoRocket does not function correctly

Lotto Rocket 649 PRO Download Options

LottoRocket download is available in .zip file format as Use a zip utility to unzip or right-click on in the directory where you have saved it, and click Extract All. When running rocket500.exe (double-click), LottoRocket automatically installs at C:/LottoRocket and creates shortcuts on the desktop and quick launch bar.
Lotto Program Download Free Trial Windows .zip file
Fully Functional 30-Day Trial Version. Tip: Use a valid Email Address when activting the Trial.
LottoRocket Full License Purchase Price: $34.95 USD (> €25 EUR / > �21 GBP / > R285 ZAR)

To Purchase LottoRocket, download the trial version (fully functional) and follow the purchase instructions from there, or go to Protexis Secure Order Processing

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