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   Can I apply LottoRocket to plan and play Any Lottery in the world?

   Explain How LottoRocket makes use of Lotto Key-Numbers (Bankers)?


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Any Lottery

  • LottoRocket is a South African Lotto development exclusively targeted to assist Lottery players, who play any Lotto 649 Lottery in the world.
  • Research time and efforts over a 8-man-year period was specifically aimed at 649 Lotteries. These are Lotteries with 6 numbers in the Jackpot draw, with or without a seventh number as a bonus number.
  • If this is the type of Lotto that you are interested in, then LottoRocket fits your needs to play your Lotto 649 Lottery.
  • Non-Lotto-649 Lotteries have different trends and could have deviated our focus to develop a superb Lottery system. 
  • Do we plan to cater for other types of Lotteries in the future? No, our focus will stay firmly on the 649 Lotteries, i.e. South African National Lottery, UK Lotto, US 649 Lotteries, Canada 649, Australian 649, New Zealand 649, German 649, French 649, Austrian 649, and a whole list more all over the world.
  • We have incorporated a bet-slip-print facility (Lotto playing form) for the South Africa Lotto players.
  • The power of LottoRocket lies in the built-in assistance to improve your winning chances.

Back to Previous Lotto Click Page Position Lotto Key-Numbers - Called Bankers in the Program

  • Remember that key-numbers must be included in the selected numbers.
  • Key-Numbers are numbers that you feel have a chance to be in the Lottery Draw
    • Let's say you want Lotto number 11 to appear in every generated combination
    • In this case you will only use key-number set #1 and make sure that all other key-number sets (banker) have a "None"-value.
    • Choose the "Select Numbers Menu", Deselect all numbers and Click on number 11.
    • The next step is to Click on "Save Banker Set One".
    • All numbers in LottoRocket are saved to files. To check which number/s are in your Banker Sets, click on the "Random and Full Wheels" menu and now click "View User Selected Numbers". On the right-hand side you will find a scrolling window. Scroll up to view your banker set numbers.
    • When you generate numbers, choose "set 1: 1xBanker/Row" and "1 Max".
    • To test, click on "Start Generating" in the "Random and Full Wheels" menu.
    • Every generated row (combination) will include number 11. 
  • LottoRocket makes provision for up to 10 sets of key-numbers, each containing one or more Lottery numbers between 1 and 49.
  • Lotto key-numbers work with Full Wheel (guaranteed wheels 6 of 6) Generators or Intelligent Random Generator.
  • Due to the mathematical reduction in the number of generated combinations when using the Abbreviated Wheels Generator, Lotto key-numbers are not allowed in abbreviated wheels. Why? It will further eliminate some of the abbreviated wheel combinations, which means that the guarantee becomes invalid.
  • You do not have to use key-numbers. In this case, "View User Selected Numbers" in the "Random and Full Wheels" menu. Make sure that all key-number sets are set to "None". If not none, go to "Select Numbers" menu, deselect all number and save all 10 banker sets.
  • Incorrect settings of key-numbers can result that your specific generator run generates no combinations. How can this happen?
    • Let's assume that we setup the following key-number sets:
      • Key-number set  1: 1,2,3
      • Key-number set  2: 4,5,6
      • Key-number set  3: 7,8,9
      • Key-number set  4: 10,11,12
      • Key-number set  5: 13,14,15
      • Key-number set  6: 16,17,18
      • Key-number set  7: 29,30,31
      • Key-number set  8: 32,33,34
      • Key-number set  9: 35,36,37
      • Key-number set 10: 47,48,49
    • Let's assume that we set every key-number set to include a minimum of one number of each set in each Lotto combination generated. We know that we have an attribute of only six numbers in each generated combination. In the scenario used, it means that we will have to have 10 numbers in each combination, which is invalid. We cannot have 1,4,7,10,13,16,29,32,35,47 (one from every set of key-numbers) in one 649 Lotto combination
    • The key-number inclusion of LottoRocket is maybe the most powerful tool in comparison to any other Lottery program today and should be carefully defined, especially when you start using key-number sets with an inclusion instruction of 2 or more numbers per generated combination. Why? It can exclude all possible Lotto 649 combinations.
  • Why will you use key-numbers? Let's look at examples:
    • You may have defined a trend where at least 1 and a maximum of 4 of the best 10 performers (frequent numbers in Jackpot) are normally in the Lottery draw.
      • You will now take those 10 numbers and enter them in Banker set #1
      • Before you start generating, you will click "set 1: 1xBanker/Row" and "4 Max".
    • You may have defined a trend where no numbers (minimum 0) and a maximum of 2 of the 8 worse performers (infrequent numbers in Jackpot) are normally in the Lottery draw.
      • You will now take those 8 numbers and enter them in Banker set #2
      • Before you start generating, you will click "set 2: 0xBanker/Row" and "2 Max".
    • You may have defined a trend where at least 1 and a maximum of 2 of the 12 longest outstanding numbers (not in last number of draws) are normally in the Lottery draw.
      • You will now take those 12 numbers and enter them in Banker set #3
      • Before you start generating, you will click "set 3: 1xBanker/Row" and "2 Max".
    • In the same manner can you use the other seven key-number sets, i.e. A minimum of 0 and a maximum of 3 numbers from the last draw can be used as key-number (banker) set #4.
  • We trust that the explanation clears up certain issues in the use of key-numbers (bankers)
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via email with your questions. Every question is a good question and results in satisfied LottoRocket users.

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