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Lottozahlen Lotttery Lotto Program

Lotto Rocket Generator: Full Lottery Wheel Generator & Random Lottery Generator

  • The Lotto Random and Full Lotto Wheel Screen allows you to select what type of generator you want to use when generating your Lotto 649 combinations.
  • Clicking on Lottery Wheel 6 of 6 Generator (full wheel), you also get the option to select the Random Generator.
  • You also select how many number rows (combinations) you want to generate.
  • You can select which Lotto Draw Trends Settings you want to use, i.e. none, true in more than 90% of all draws, or true in more than 70% of all draws.
  • You also select whether you want to use the key-numbers (bankers) and how to use them. These are the key-numbers that you have entered in the Lottery Numbers Screen.
  • You can also change the individual minimum and maximum settings to fit your gut feel.
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