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South Africa

Download LottoRocket Order Form Here

Free Lotto Program

LottoRocket� is available to benefit worldwide Lotto 649 (49 Numbers, draw 6 with or without a 7th bonus ball - 49/6) players. LottoRocket� caters for both big and small Lotto players and is structured to be affordable as such. Purchase Price is the price to purchase a one-year usage Lotto program license, which may be recovered with your first win.

You can be up and running today in South Africa!

Fax Payment Options (see order form)

  • Payments in South African Rand Currency (ZAR)

    • Internet Banking Transfers

    • Direct Bank Deposits

    • Electronic Funds Transfer

    • Wire Transfers

Fax Ordering

Steps To Order the LottoRocket Lotto Program via Fax

  • Deposit the payment and keep Proof of Payment

  • Quoted Prices are applicable to program delivery via email or CD in South Africa. Email Delivery - We email your unique program. Please ensure that you have the latest Java runtime environment installed on your computer. It is F-R-E-E. Click here to check your system. The CD includes the Java Runtime.


PROFESSIONAL LottoRocket Lotto Program Version
Generate from 2 up to
10000 rows version


10000 rows version Bank Deposit or Money Transfer
to ABSA or Standard Bank

Download LottoRocket Order Form Here - MS Word Format

Shipment takes place after receipt of your valid order according to your delivery instructions:

  • Email Delivery - We email the Activation Code (Update). Please ensure that you have the Java runtime environment installed on your computer. It is FREE. Click here to check your system.

  • CD Delivery - When we supply the LottoRocket� system on CD, we include Sun Microsystems' Java Runtime Environment with the program (in South Africa Only)

    Recommended System Requirements    

LottoRocket� works best on Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98 computers with a 1.0 GHz or faster Processor and 128MB Memory or more.

    How to Place Your Order?    

  1. Complete the Download LottoRocket Order Form Here - MS Word Format (open form) and print it.

  2. Deposit the order amount in our bank account (see bottom of order form)

  3. Fax  the order form, proof of payment, and 1st page of system information to us in South Africa at 021-8538000.

Download LottoRocket Order Form Here

We also need some of your system information to prepare your own unique LottoRocket copy. This is how you provide that info to us:

  1. Go to Start> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Information> File> Print (1st page)

  2. Fax to 021-8538000 (or) Export/Extract to Email to us at [email protected] with your order.


South Africa: ABSA Bank: LottoRocket, Account Number 9151978214

  • Deposit the Order Amount in one of the abovementioned accounts.
  • Fax the completed order form, the Deposit Slip and System Information to us at Fax: 0866950514 or Email to us at [email protected]
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