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In short, the Random Generator works basically like a normal Auto Lotto or QuickPick, but with a very important difference. The Random Generator eliminates unlikely combinations, ignores them, and only provides likely combinations according to your historic preset settings of choice.

How Does The Random Generator Work?

No matter how many numbers you have selected to be used, the Random Generator will generate numbers that fit into the ranges of every position in any combination (i.e. numbers to be between 1 and 20 for position 1 or 30 to 49 for position 6.

The following combination will be ignored: 41, 42, 43, 47, 48, 49

Why will the above combination be ignored and eliminated?

  1. Because the number in position 1 is bigger than the maximum value allowed in that position.
  2. Because there is 6 numbers in Decade-5. Maximum 3 allowed.
  3. ... And many more (according to settings used)

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